KERALA State Board Class 10 Exams Model and Previous Year Question Papers

About Exam

Kerala Board of Public Examination found in 1965 is responsible for conducting and overviewing the Intermediate as well as higher education in Kerala, the land with 100% literacy as per reports. The board also specifies the course syllabus and also prescribes books for the schools under the Kerala Board. The board conducts board exams mainly for the class 10 and Class 12 students.

The Kerala state education board for class 10 talks about all the different subjects prescribed by the State council of education research and training (SCERT). The class 10 examinations are also referred to as the board examinations and are some of the most important exams, that students need to prepare for as they will count towards the total grade point average for the students. In order to get into a really good college of their preference, students must score really high marks in their examinations

Exam Pattern

Grades are awarded to the students by the KSEB based on their marks in SSLC class 10 exam. The grades represent the performance of the students in the exam. The grading system of KSEB is simple and is given in the table below.

Marks Range Grade Points Grade Remarks
90-100 9 A+ Outstanding
80-89 8 A Excellent
70-79 7 B+ Very Good
60-69 6 B Good
50-59 5 C+ Above Average
40-49 4 C Average
30-39 3 D+ Marginal
20-29 2 D Need Improvement
<20 1 E Need Improvement