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About Exam

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Exam Pattern

The Andhra Pradesh State Eligibility Test (AP SET) entrance exam is a pivotal assessment for candidates aspiring to embark on a career in academia within the state. Understanding the exam pattern is crucial for effective preparation. The AP SET is structured to assess the candidate's teaching/research aptitude, comprehension, divergent thinking, and general awareness of the subject chosen. The examination is divided into two papers, both conducted on the same day in two separate sessions.

Paper 1 is a general paper on teaching and research aptitude and is designed to test the reasoning ability, comprehension, divergent thinking, and general awareness of the candidate. It consists of 50 objective type questions, each carrying 2 marks, totaling 100 marks. This paper is compulsory for all candidates. Paper 2 is subject-specific and includes 100 objective type questions, based on the subject chosen by the candidate, each question carrying 2 marks, making the total marks 200. The selection of subjects covers a wide range, including Humanities, Social Science, Sciences, etc., allowing candidates to focus on their area of expertise.

Key Highlights:
  • Total Marks: Paper 1 - 100 marks, Paper 2 - 200 marks
  • Question Type: Objective
  • No. of Questions: Paper 1 - 50 questions, Paper 2 - 100 questions
  • Subjects Offered: Wide range including Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, etc.
  • Examination Mode: Offline

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