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Exam Pattern

The MH-SET, or Maharashtra State Eligibility Test, is a pivotal entrance exam for those aspiring to become assistant professors in the universities and colleges of Maharashtra and Goa. Understanding the exam pattern is crucial for aspirants aiming to crack this test. The exam is structured into two distinct sessions comprising three papers. The first session includes Paper 1, which assesses teaching/research aptitude, reasoning ability, comprehension, divergent thinking, and general awareness of the candidate. It consists of 50 objective type compulsory questions, each carrying 2 marks.

Following the first session, the second session features Paper 2 and Paper 3, which are subject-specific. Paper 2 contains 50 compulsory questions based on the subject selected by the candidate, with each question carrying 2 marks. Paper 3 includes 75 compulsory questions from the chosen subject, each worth 2 marks. This comprehensive structure ensures that the candidates are tested thoroughly on their knowledge and aptitude in their respective subject areas. For effective preparation, candidates can access a wealth of resources including MH-SET entrance exam previous papers online, which provide valuable insights into the questions types and patterns observed in past years.

  • Session 1: Paper 1 - Teaching/Research Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, Comprehension, and General Awareness (50 Questions, 100 Marks)
  • Session 2: Paper 2 & 3 - Subject Specific Papers (125 Questions, 250 Marks)

The exam is conducted offline and follows an objective type question format, making it essential for candidates to practice with the right material to hone their speed and accuracy. By leveraging past examination papers, aspirants can significantly improve their chances of performing well in the MH-SET entrance exam.