NDA English Cloze Test Questions

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Directions :
  In the following passage there are some blank spaces with four words or groups of words given. Select whichever word or group of words you consider most appropriate for the blank space and indicate your response on the Answer Sheet accordingly,

The honeybee is a very unusual kind of insect.46.(a) Unlike (b) Similar to (c) With (d) Like other insects which live alone, the honeybee lives as a /an _____ 47 (a) group (b) individual (c) member (d) troop of a community. These bees livetogether in what is known as a bee _____48. (a) house(b) home(c) army (d) troop . The head of the bees is called thequeenbee She is 49. (a) heaviest (b) heavier (c) largest(d) larger than the rest of the bees. Her main taskis to ____ 50. (a) lay eggs. (b) hatch (c) make(d) bear
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