SBI PO Exam 09 Jun 2019 Solved Papers

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Directions (1–7) : Read the following passage and answer the given questions. Certain words or phrases are given in bold to help you while answering some of the questions.
They say there are two things that are certain in life: death and taxes. I would like to add a third: change. We may not like to admit it when times are good, and we forget the fact when times are bad, but it is inevitable that life keeps moving and everything changes. This includes our career path as we grow and evolve, learn new things and develop new passions. According to career statistics, the average person will change careers between five and seven times in their lifetime. Whatever the reason or amount of times we start something new, with social media a constant factor in our lives, any change of direction is now on show for all to see. Changing careers also requires reinventing your personal brands. People are concerned about what their existing network, including friends and family, would think of their new direction.
According to a professor in a renowned institute, on the road to reinventing your personal brand you should keep in mind that your past is as important a catalyst as you will. Acknowledge the past and ensure it is part of your story going forward. Even if the only _______ between your past career and future endeavour is you and your personal experience, your honest insight is powerful, and if communicated effectively via storytelling, it offers a great opportunity to connect with not only your existing network but also an entirely new one. Ensuring the story presented to the world is consistent is also important. A simple Google search will help you discover if there are any gaps in your story online.
Ensure you are communicating the change on all personal platforms so the message is consistent. Like a new outfit a new photo online in many ways is a digital representation of change and can help communicate your new journey visually. Take the time to share your change with your current network both personally and digitally. This can be in the form of a simple phone cell, a personal email, or as elaborate as a launch party.
According to an article in the Marketing Research Journal, one of the biggest assets in anyone’s life is a generous network. It is human nature to worry-about what could go wrong, but the truth is, you might be delighted by an overwhelmingly positive response. You will never know until you put yourself out there. Strategies on how to reinvent your personal brand are plentiful but there is one factor that will ultimately determine success: sel-belief.
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