UPSC 2013 CDS-I English Solved Paper

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Directions (Qs. 1 to 12): In the following two passages, at certain points you are given a choice of three words in a bracket, one of which fits the meaning of the passage. Choose the best word from each bracket. Mark the letter, viz., A, B or C, relating to this word on your Answer-sheet.
Examples Y and Z have been solved for you.

Y. The ____was in the school in Shimla.
A. boy B. horse C. dog
Z. ___was homesick.
A. She B. It C. He

Explanation: Out of the list given in item Y, only boy is the correct answer because usually a boy, and not a horse or a dog, attends school. So A is to be marked on the Answer-sheet for item Y. A boy is usually referred to as "he", so for item Z, the letter C is the correct answer. Notice that to solve this kind of item you have to read the preceding or succeeding sentences of the given passage,

A young man riding a motor-cycle approached a policeman in a market place and sought his assistance in reaching a particular locality. The policeman gave him some __1__ and the motorcyclist left. He __2___ back after some time and __3___ the policeman that he could not __4__ the place. The policeman got the __5__ to help him and agreed to __6__ with the motor-cyclist. On reaching the __7__ the motor-cyclist left in a hurry leaving the policeman on the road. The policeman was surprised and returned to his spot. A little later, a senior police officer reached the place and took the policeman to task for dereliction of duty.
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